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Observance and maintenance of eco-friendly environment is the imperative need of the hour. Thoroughly aware of this,VVM resorts to the following:

  • Creation of Environment Impact Assessment report and submission to the government to obtain Environment Clearance for each operation area licence from the Ministry of Environment & Forest, Govt. of India
  • Usage of cheaper eco-friendly methods like windmill, sun drying and gasifiers reduces pollution
  • Planning to start solar energy production in the near future
  • Using RO treated water helps reduce consumption of fresh water
  • Use of seawater against fresh water, how much water is saved?
  • Use of solar drying, how much of co2 is saved?
  • Eco friendly processing plants, free from air, water and noise pollution
  • Only beach mining company to have a dedicated environmental cell with quality environmental engineers and professionals
  • Sophisticated, dedicated environmental lab facilities to analyse ground water levels, pollutants and to study and implement Environment Management plan in the mining areas
  • Avoiding chemical usage for mineral separation to lessen health hazards
  • Manual mining creates job facilities for the people in and around the mining areas
  • Replacing fossil fuels with electric dryers (amount of co2 saved)
  • Setting up of wet and dry plants near the mining areas reduces transportation thereby bringing in eco-friendly environment