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Our conspicuous brand - Super Garnet - is a non - metallic naturally obtainable mineral abrasive mined from the beaches of the Gulf of Mannar. The grains have a unique curved cubical form as a result of hundreds of years under wave action. During mining and processing there is no grinding or breaking of particles. Hence, Super Garnet is a genuine virgin almandine garnet belonging to the gem family. Almandine garnet is the heaviest and hardest of garnets, and can withstand more cutting speed and maintain low dust levels. With its crystalline shape giving a fast cutting action and longer life span, Super Garnet is highly efficient and effective as an abrasive.

VVM has an emotional attachment to the Super Garnet. It reigns foremost among all the abrasives in the world. With the purity of 99%, Super Garnet is the most accepted brand in Sand Blasting, Water Jet Cutting, Water Filtration, Surface preparation etc., To put it precisely, its high purity and low salinity provides the Super Garnet its grandeur.

Our Product is of the highest quality and is compliant to ISO 11126-10 Standard and SSPC AB-1. Added to its natural value as a semi- precious stone, Super Garnet's uniqueness justifies the title "Gem of an Abrasive".

Eco - Cut Garnet


Being the leading exporter of Garnet, VVM has taken a new stride in the mining and processing of Eco-Cut Garnet . Cauvery basin area is replete with the riparian resources from the major perennial river Cauvery. Our Eco-cut Garnet is obtained from the streams originating from the Eastern Ghats around Tiruchirapalli district, Central part of Tamil Nadu.

As the Eco-Cut Garnet is a product from river deposits, it is utterly free from beach placer contaminants and salinity. Owing to its superior density and high hardness, the breakdown level becomes low and it can be recycled many times without detriment to the environment. Also, the eco-cut garnet is a newly fractured material which retains its sharpness because of its newness. Eco-cut is environment friendly and economical as less consumption of our products covers more area.

The Quality Control team is committed to ensure the highest standards of the eco-cut garnet to see to it that the product lacks hazardous and toxic elements to meet health and safety norms.