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Facilities for Employees: Facilities abound in VVM. Following are the few we proudly present

  • To give a dignified and professional look, we provide uniform to the employees and we also give masks keeping in mind the environmental consciousness
  • For external protection and to avert possible collisions, the employees are supplied with Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) such as helmets, gloves , goggles and safety ropes
  • For personal uplift, VVM gives its employees loans bounteously which is a unique feature among private companies
  • Education allowance for the children of employees
  • Long term employees are gifted with watches and gold coins.
  • Medical care is an essential component in an individual’s life and that is taken care of by VVM by organizing free medical camps annually/biennially
  • Full time Resident Medical Officer to serve all our employees
  • For normal livelihood, people need a place to live in, food to eat and vehicles to move about: VVM offers free accommodation, conveyance and food on subsidized rates