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V.V. Mineral has an independent and fully empowered quality control department at all levels. The laboratories, both at the plant and warehouse, are fully equipped to make necessary tests for quality and sieve analysis as per IS standards. With the XRF machines, the quality of our products is ascertained.

Fool proof check is done to guarantee the quality of the produce. Quality check starts from the mines till it gets packed. Gradewise check is done at all plant laboratories and again at the centralized laboratories to establish the exactitude of the product.

  • Also, tracking can be easily made by the customers from the given unique bag serial number. Countersamples are maintained for a period of six months for cross verification.
  • Every Shipment comes with a guaranteed Quality Certification from our Central laboratory.
  • Our zero-rejection track record from our customers owes its success to our quality motto: “Only when it is right, it leaves the factory.”
  • For consistency in the quality of a product, every consignment undergoes a thorough quality check for about ____ times.